The services we are providing can be listed as:

  • Identification and understanding of relevant technologies for the client
  • Design and develop innovative products and services
  • Understanding the use of new technologies and new products (consumption models) by consumers (btoc) and clients (btob)
  • Supporting the management of innovation
  • Prospective research
  • Supporting and guiding our clients through fast-growing and fast-changing Asian regions
  • Investigating new markets
  • Foresee disruptive technologies and their impacts
  • Identification and leverage of current and non-exploited assets
  • Benchmarking of international innovations
  • Workshops on innovation
  • Ecological impact and long-term impacts
  • Out-of-the industry innovations that can be applied in the client’s industry
  • Alternative sourcing
  • Technological roadmaps
  • Innovative partner screening
  • Collaborative and haring economy innovation
  • Evaluation of complex assets
  • Growth perspectives through innovation
  • Evaluation of financial synergies based on technological synergies
  • Trends reports
  • Evaluation of public policies financing innovation

The services that daxuenova is providing are based on 2 main methodologies:

  • In-depth interviews with market insiduers
  • Deep desk research and existing resources such as reports, thesis and other existing sources

But most of all, we explore new business models and the future will be like. We help companies build the world of tomorrow.

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